Uji City Center

In addition to historical places such as Byodo-in Temple and Ujikami Shrine (both World Heritage Sites) one can find many restaurants and cafes offering Uji tea-related drinks and treats. Park your car and take a stroll around the area.


1Nagatani Soen Birthplace and Chasomyo Shrine

The place where Nagatani Soen was born is a well-known building in Ujitawara, the birthplace of Japanese green tea. The neighboring Chasomyo Shrine is dedicated to his achievements. People involved in the tea industry come to pay their respects from all over Japan.


Rent a bicycle at Wazuka-cha Cafe


2Harayama Tea Field

A tea plantation and a village surrounded by mountains. A sight to behold! Wazuka Town, where this Harayama tea field is located, produces the most tea in Kyoto prefecture.


3Erihara, Kamatsuka, Shirasu, and Ishitera Tea Fields

Wazuka’s best-known tea fields along with Harayama. Their sloped design makes them look as if they lead to the heavens. They have been designated as a cultural landscape by Kyoto prefecture.


4Kaijyusenji Temple

The temple’s quiet grounds feature many attractions, such as a five-story pagoda (a designated national treasure), as well as the Monjudo Hall and Buddhist statues (both designated cultural assets).


5Kamikoma Tea Wholesale District

A major tea distribution hub from the end of the Edo Period through the Meiji Period. Today there are around forty tea wholesalers lining its quiet old-fashioned streets.


6Nagare Bridge and Hamacha

Nagare Bridge is famous as a filming site for period dramas. On both sides one finds hamacha grown in ooishita (shade-grown) tea fields.

1Manpuku-ji Temple [Keihan Obaku Station]

This temple’s buildings are different from most others in Japan, having been built in a Chinese Ming-period style.

Daruma fortunes


2Uji Shrine [10 Minute Walk from Keihan Uji Station]

Enshrines the “Mikaeri Rabbit,” a deity’s servant that is said to lead people on the correct path.


3Ujikami Shrine

Come see Japan’s oldest main shrine building, and be sure to check out the famous Kirihara Springs.

Rabbit fortune


4Kosho-ji Temple

The path to the temple (called kotosaka) is a hidden area great for seeing fall foliage. It’s been enjoyed for ages as one of Uji’s twelve scenic spots.


5Asahi Pottery

A pottery class is held daily at the Asahi Yaki Sakutokan, which is next to an ascending kiln. Why not make your own piece?


6Uji City Municipal Teahouse “Taihoan”

An authentic teahouse made to promote and spread Uji tea. Beginners can enjoy making and serving tea in a relaxed atmosphere.

From JR Kamo Station, take the bus to Wazuka Yama-no-ie.


1Wazuka-cha Cafe

Rest at Wazuka-cha Cafe, rent a bike, and you’re off!


2Miroku Stone Buddha

A stone buddha statue said to be from the Kamakura Period. It’s carved into a formidable rock surface.


3Ishitera Tea Fields

Slowly pedal through to enjoy the magnificent scenery.


4Erihara Tea Fields


5Tenku Cafe

Relax and enjoy some tea while gazing out over Wazuka Town. Please stop first at Wazuka-cha Cafe, located at the base of the hill, to tell them that you’d like to go there.

Return the bicycle


Return to the Wazuka Yama-no-ie bus stop, and go to JR Kamo Station.

JR Kasagi Station


1Giant’s Kettles

Giant’s kettles are potholes formed in rocks by water. Here you can see many of these mysterious creations of nature.


2Koishidani Shrine and Koiji Bridge

There was once a princess who yearned for Emperor Go-Daigo. Not wanting anyone else to suffer as much as herself, she committed suicide and became a guardian deity. This deity is fondly called Koishidani-san by locals. It is said that by crossing Koiji Bridge on the way to the shrine, your wishes will be granted.


3Okawara Power Station

Build in 1919, this retro brick building was chosen as one of the 2000 best buildings in Japan.


4Mugen Gorge

The Kizu River and Nabari River quietly flow together here. Come enjoy this scenic spot that is quiet and filled with greenery.


5Tayama Tea Fields

These stunning tea fields refresh the mind and body.


JR Tsukigaseguchi Station